Ray iLLa “Situations” is a lot more then Just Dope Shit!

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I recently sat down with Chicago bred rapper, producer, money maker and all around good guy Ray iLLa. Of course I got a chance to listen to his latest project Situations. I had my reservations, thinking it was a regular Drill album but i was pleasantly surprised. It is a great listen from start to finish. His lyrics are well thought out and not just following the status pro quot  of a Chicago rapper. Songs like “Loyalty” Featuring Dreezy and “Friend Zone” are so relate-able you’ll want to play them twice. The Intro featuring Dominique Danielle is that riding down lake shore  music. There are some turn up songs too “Jdown” featuring King Louie  and “Dope”  but they still have lyrical content that will have you thinking. The album flows from start to finish. Its truly a great listen.

Needless to say i was excited to meet with iLLa, his album release/ listening party was turnt and a lot going on.  I wanted to set up a more relaxed interview so we had tea at Soho House for tea time. My idea of course. LOL  Sitting down with Ray, was a refreshing experience. I felt like I had known him for a long time. We talked relationships, music, Chicago politics and just life in general. Nothing ever felt rushed or rehearsed it was as organic as could be.

Some of you may know he has other albums to add to his resume notably SUG 1 and SUG 2., I asked why such the gap between each album. Ray had this to say ” Its self financing and self maintained. I  do all this by myself so I have to make sure ts right. Thankfully i have a in-house studio and in-house producers I can always work.” In “Sick n Tired” its a song about the current state of Chicago from Lequan McDonald killing, to the many shootings of our own people killing each other. I asked Ray his thoughts on Chicago politics ” Karma is real and you reap what you sow. in reference to the youth and city shootings. I’m glad that this is the first time in 30 years that the world is seeing what we have been seeing all our lives. Its the truth without the usual spin. Its bigger then Chicago Violence its a way life, the full struggle.”  Do you see yourself as a role model?, I asked. “No, I don’t believe any entertainers should be role models. We all kick it and do some of the same things that we tell others not too. We shouldn’t be the type of person you look up too.”

With all the heavy topics out the way you know I had to ask a few personal joints. “Loyalty” and “Friend Zone” are my favorites because as a woman I can relate with them the most. I have been that real loyal girlfriend to a guy who didn’t treat me as such or was a little to friendly to the next chick. I asked, Are these song based on real life? “I take different experiences and events and then put then in songs. So it’s not a actual story but a mixture of stories.”  What to you makes a woman loyal? ” A woman that trusts you , Is not jealous and is supportive of your work and lifestyle. Helps you be a better man all around.” Preach! How can you prevent jealously in your relationship? “Don’t give them a reason, you and your spouse shouldn’t be going through each others phones there no trust. That leads to jealously.” states Ray iLLa. And in case you were wondering ladies he is taken, so don’t be tryna slide up in the DM.

With all that being said Go support this Album. its NoseyGirl Approved, Stack or Starve Approved so you know its official. You can link up with Ray iLLA on Twitter

Ray iLLa, SoundCloud, and his website. You can also get

Situations On Itunes and Spotify.   I added the full album below and 2 videos!




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