Rapper Oz Ft Rockie Fresh, Have all the “Sirlone Snacks” you been looking for!

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Rapper Oz has been making a strong name for himself in Chicago. He has performed at the last Oreo fest and other shows around the city, he’s really building his college fan base.

Rapper Oz is spitting pure heat in his brand new single “Sirloin Snack” and signs up MMG Artist Rockie Fresh. Sirloin Snack kicks off with a throwback hip-hop flow, low beats and high vocals amplifying every line.

The single speaks about his mission to rise to the top of the game telling listeners “F*ck a burn, I’d just rather spit these cold ass raps; f*ck a beef, I just treat it like some sirloin snacks.” Focused on small things, making music and money.

Rockie Fresh adds his sauce to the single dropping lines like “Stand behind my bars so them boys yelling free us” and “Just a young n*gga tryna make it up in the game. Now I’m ballin I prolly end up in the Hall of Fame.”

Sirloin Snacks is a well balanced combination of hip-hop, metaphors fused with dope production & finesse. Rapper Oz is dropping hit after hit this year, the best is yet to come.


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