Penny For Your Thots: Karrine Steffans Has A Mouthful Of Opinons About Lil Wayne and Christina Millian’s Break-Up

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E! Online  just shocked the world (insert sarcasm) with news that Rapper Lil’ Wayne and Christina Millian are no longer a “thing”.
After more than a year,  which is honestly a year longer than anyone expected, the power-couple in training have decided to call it quits.

Before anyone who cared could get hold of the news, Karrine  made sure to go public with her opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.40.59 AM

How can you break up with someone who was never “your: man in the first place??



She’s got a point. But is this the hard truth or ugly bitterness?

This isn’t the first time Karrine has spoken publicly about Wayne and Christina’s relationship, as well as her own with him.



She’s gone so far as to say she’d leave her HUSBAND at  in the wee hours of the morning  to go tend to Wayne’s “needs”.

Like, yo, that’s some deep ish! Maybe now she thinks she’s has a shot at his undivided attention??


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