Not So Fast: Drug Test Could Reverse Chris Brown’s Custody Win

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Friday was a big day for Chris Brown. The bitter custody battle between him and his baby momma Nia Guzman cam to a end with Chris winning joint custody of baby Royalty.

This was quite a victory for Brown, since Guzman initially petitioned to deny him of any custodial rights, while asking for $15,000 per month in child support and only offering Chris supervised visitations.  We all know Chris wasn’t feeling that deal and apperantly neither was the judge.

Chris was not only awarded joint custody, with him and Guzman rotating every 4 days, he was only order to pay Guzman $2,5oo per month in child support. Which is what he’d been paying anyway.

Now, however, it seems that Chris’ victory dance may be cut short. According to TMZ, Nia’s lawyer has asked the judge to force Chris to submit to drug testing.

Chris to submit hair and urine samples for drug tests, and the judge ordered Chris to ante up on the spot.

The judge didn’t say what he would do if the tests came back positive for drugs … it would obviously depend in part what type of drugs, if any, were present in his system.

Our Nia sources also say Chris’ custody win had strings attached … his mom must be present when he has physical custody of his 1-year-old.

We’re told in 12 days Chris and Nia must go into mediation to hopefully agree on a long-term custody and support agreement. If they can’t, the 4-day rotation will continue and a full-blown trial will be scheduled

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Bruuhh! Low blow!

I’ve been such a huge fan of how Chris has jumped head first into fatherhood after finding out Royalty was his daughter. I’ve loved watching him post photos /videos of her to social media, seeing him take  his responsibilities seriously and just watching how fatherhood has changed his life.

So let’s hope this mandatory drug test isn’t for, let’s saaayyyy, another 30-60 days from now??? Feel me?  #GoodLuckChris

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