“Not My Goodies” : Ciara and Russell Wilson Commit to Abstinence Before Marriage

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Last year, Ciara called it quits with fiancé Future. The two had a son together just three months before Ciara ended the engagement, reportedly because of Furture’s serial cheating. Given the cause of their breakup, it’s no surprise that the new mom would be on the lookout for someone a little more stable, and it seems she found just that with her new boyfriend, NFL star Russell Wilson.

Wilson became the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012, the same year he married his high school sweetheart Ashton Meem. But their marriage only last two years, as the couple divorced in April 2014.

It stands to reason, due to Ciara’s son and Wilson’s previous marriage, that neither of the two entered their new relationship with one another as virgins. Which made their decision to remain abstinent until marriage all the more surprising. Wilson said he arrived at the decision after God spoke to him in a dream, urging him to lead the singer in a life of purity. And Ciara has been all for the idea, praising Wilson’s approach to their relationship in multiple interviews.

They’re certainly not the first celebrities to publicly out themselves as abstinent. Former quarterback Tim Tebow is always open about his stance on abstinence with the press. However, Tebow also says that he’s a virgin, something that neither Ciara or Wilson claim to be.

Most research suggests that more people are practicing safe sex than ever before. However, it’s still rare that you hear about celebrities, especially those of such high caliber, publicly devoting themselves to abstinence, especially when there are so many options for safe sex available.

Clearly their decision is one more of faith than that of safety, given they’ve both already had sex with their respective partners in the past. Oddly enough, some comments from the two allude to Ciara’s lack of safe sex in the past leading them to the decision of abstinence—i.e. Ciara’s son born out of wedlock.

The singer acknowledged that her son is one of the main reasons that the two are being so careful about their relationship. After criticism from Future about bringing their son around Wilson, she told interviewers, “That’s the thing people have to think about—remove the adult from the situation. This is my child here and that’s serious.”

Only time will tell where this couple is heading—maybe we can take the Seahawks’ season as a sign. Wilson will certainly have a hefty amount of frustration built up. He’s gotta release it somehow…

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