Jay-Z Totally STANS For His Wife During Made In America Performance

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We’ve all seen how Beyonce gets all school-girl and googly-eyed for her husband Jay-Z. But its a very rare occurrence to catch Jay, on camera, getting all besides himself with excitement as his wife performs.

This weekend, Beyonce performed at Philly’s Made In America and Jay was caught in the audience acting a FEWL!

Yep! This year, in lieu of jumping on stage with his wife to perform, Jay opted to watch from the audience.  In attempts to be low-key, he creeped out into the crowd, shielding his face with a simple grey hoodie but was busted because he just couldn’t contain himself.

The typically  serious, straight -faced and pulled together Jigga man went full out fanboy, smiling from ear to ear ,swaying back and forth and just letting it all hang out,  as he mouthed the lyrics to ALL of his baby momma’s songs. Bruh, his cake level was on diabetes! I love it!!

Let Hov show you how do to this #1 fan thang son!!    Peep…



What SHE said….


Dope indeed…

He follows directions well! #DontYouDropThatAlcohol

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