“I’m Not Nicki Minaj……….Get off My Stage BITCH!” : Pattie Labelle Explodes On Stripping FanBoy

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In life, there’s a list of things you don’t play with: fire, the church’s money and Pattie LaBellle.

Friday night, Mama Pattie handed a young man his life after he tried to steal the show by stripping during her set.

Labelle invited a a few concertgoers on stage during her Vancouver appearance Friday night. All was well until  one man  thought it was a good idea to begin unbuttoning his shirt during “Lady Marmalde”.

Now if you know anything about the true meaning behind the song, you might say his timing was pretty damn good. But Pattie wasn’t having it.

She immediately stopped the show screaming ” Hold up! HOLD UP! Don’t you dare. Not on my stage.” When security attempted to rush the stage she calmly, like a BAWSE stopped them saying, “I’m good. I got this”. And the read continued.

“I am NOT Nicki Minaj or that little ummm..Miley” she says.  The man then did the unthinkable by continuing his striptease, turning his ass towards Pattie and pulling his pants down.   What’d he do THAT for?!!

That was enough to send Pattie over the edge.  She lunged towards the man and pushed him.#LaidHands

What came next, none of us could’ve expected.  “Get off my got-darn stage BITCH” ,  she yelled.  She then allowed security to escort  Magic Mike  off of the stage, requesting that they “put him out of the building”  and apologizing for not letting them do their job in the first place.

Yo! I’ve never hear Pattie use a swear word, EVER. This was pure gold!  Poor guy  might not even take his clothes off to get in the SHOWER after this.  

Watch the  video below to get the full experience

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