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I’ve know of D2G since I started going to Columbia College Chicago in 20** , well I’m def not going to age myself, He was one of the first people I met at convocation. Very outgoing and entertaining even then.

I knew something was special about him but it wasn’t until I started going to the Open mics or as we called them, Big Mouth shows that I got see how talented he was. He along with fellow classmates would rock the mics every Thursday or any chance they could get.

Now time has passed and everyone is still taking on the world full speed showing they have what it takes to be a star and 2G is no exception. He and Reflective Music, his collective of musicians and artists, have been all around the city and country showcasing there talents.

His discography is great and you will like his witty jabs and word play as well as his all around sound.

Check out his latest projects below and be sure to follow him on Twitter : D2G Petty Guerrero   and IG: 2GMakeamove





Ebony Joy, more affectionately known as Eb, went to school for Radio Broadcasting and Public Relations. Vibrant, lively and always on the look out for a dope azz party. Eb is always on the scene. With her passion for music and staying abreast on all the latest gossip she is a perfect addition to the NoseyGirl team.

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