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BRO!! The New Yeezus2020 Campaign Commercial is Everything You Thought It Wouldn’t Be

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The creators behind Kanye West’s 2020 Presidential Campaign site, (yes, there’s already a website) , have put together a campaign commercial and its pretty dope.

After his uber sweet, emotional, brilliant , yet sometimes scary rant during his 2015 VMA Vanguard Award acceptance speech, Yeezy announced that he will be gunning for the POTUS spot in 2020.  While the audience (and myself) lit up with excitement at the reveal, the rest of the world has had mix feelings about his Presidential aspirations.

But just like Kanye, his supporters give no FAWKS about your opinion. Getting a head start on the 2020 campaign trail, a few folks (who have yet to be identified) got together and created their own promotional commercial for Mr. West and it was EVERYTHING.

Mashing up moments from Kanye’s epic acceptance speech and announcement with other infamous ‘Ye moments, clips of war veterans, a slow waving American flag and “wholesome” family visuals, this commercial could easily sway any voter who isn’t quite sure if Yeezy’s the man for the job. Fall into it….

If Yeezy didn’t already have my vote, he’s got it now!
Bruh…Kanye got your vote or nah? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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