Boy Illinois “DuSable” makes him a Born Leader you need to follow!

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It’s rare to find a mixtape that isn’t over saturated with Gucci Flipflops and Codine. As much as I love my trap music, and can rap DS2 word for word, the older I get I pay less attention to the beat and more attention to the content.

As all my hopes were fading away for some new music with something I could relate to and a hot beat, Tink’s Winters Diary 3 does that very well, yet I still wanted more. Then in comes local favorite Boy Illinois and he kicked down all the competition!

Earlier this week, The Boy Illinos, dropped his much anticipated project Dusable, curated by popular blog FakeShoreDrive and famed videographer DGainz.

From the moment you press play DuSable captures your attention. Songs like “Day Goes”, “Sell Again”, “Everywhere I Go” ft Drey Skonie, your going to be in a good mood all day. The beats and choruses are catchy and melodic and the lyrics are relatable and motivating.

Although with only a few features, (Twista ,Trae the truth and Drey Skonie), Boy Illinois showcase his lyrical talents incorporating the hood and the boardroom with hints of historical facts and his Haitian ancestry.

As with any mixtape he has the customary ladies song which happens to be my personal favorite  “All I want” ft. Drey Skonie.

With praises coming from all over and interview lined up with Shade 45 morning show “Sway in the Morning” on September 8th, Boy Illinois is gonna take

“Conscience Commercial” all over the states!

FakeShore Owner Andrew Barber said it best,

“One of the most unique voices in all of hip-hop. Great song concepts, style and melodies. Plus he’s super fresh and a true revolutionary thinker. His profile is rising quickly, so don’t be late to the party.”

I second it!

Tell a friend, to tell a friend and listen to DuSable below.

Want to connect to Boy Illinois or see where his next show, which is amazing by the way, check Twitter and Instagram @theboyillinois . Tell him Noseygirl sent ya! 😉

Ebony Joy, more affectionately known as Eb, went to school for Radio Broadcasting and Public Relations. Vibrant, lively and always on the look out for a dope azz party. Eb is always on the scene. With her passion for music and staying abreast on all the latest gossip she is a perfect addition to the NoseyGirl team.

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